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In this digital era, children are often seen to be hooked to mobile phones, TVs, tablets & TV. While this has been a great cause of concern to all the parents, there is very little that we, the parents are able to do to unplug their children from the grasp of the digital world.  As a result, it has a very serious impact on the children’s physical as well as mental growth.

But… not anymore!  “Toy Trunk” brings to you the ultimate and most effective way to keep your worries at bay.  Compromising your children’s growth is no compromise to us at Toy Trunk.

At Toy Trunk it’s our vision, to spread awareness amongst Parents and Guardians about how Toys can contribute to the overall development of a child. With Our strong background in architecture and deep knowledge of human ergonomics, different materials and their properties, we have been able to design toys in better ways. Our toy designs are a product of extensive research on child development, methods and tools that allows the holistic development of a child. 

While the toys are designed with all the aspects important for child development, they are also made of eco-friendly materials like wood, metal, and fabric rather than using non-biodegradable materials like plastic, batteries, etc. ensuring no burden to our planet. 

What more? Toy Trunk is also an attempt to bring back all that glamour this art form once had.  Toy trunk is a platform that tries to bridge the gap between the local artisans and parents, who wish to give a meaningful childhood to their kids and also believe in the advantages of handmade safe long-lasting toys for their children.

Priyanka & Ajay

Founder, Toy Trunk