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Brand philosophy

To be kind to the planet and to parents by designing sustainable toys for their children. Developing children into creative and imaginative people, effectively better versions of their own unique selves. We firmly believe that every child is born genius, our job is to provide them with right environment to grow and develop.


At Toy Trunk, it is our vision to make parenting fun and easy by developing toys that help them bond with children. Our focus is to develop children's abilities to an extent which will enable them to use the same in their everyday lives.


We have made it our mission to bring joy to parents and artisans by developing sustainable handmade toys with the help of Indian artisans with children as the focus of our purpose.


From day one we showcase sustainability whether it is our toys that are made of local sustainable wood, 100% cotton thread or our packaging.

All our products are free from labels/ tags with full disclosure on the website and thank you note. we take pride in keeping the box minimalistic and free from any fancy laminations so that once discarded the box can decompose naturally.

We wish to grow enthusiastically with our target group through continuous innovation in toy design.